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Some Longevity Lessons: 

The Tao Longevity Principle of Sovereignty, Acceptance, Simplicity, Patience and : She says:

My life wasn’t easy back then and the sea provided me a livelihood that sustained me and my late husband so we could raise our family

Sovereignty is the spiritual discipline of not letting the ego and its moods distract you with doom and gloom.

Acceptance: life is what it is, when you choose to rise above defeat, you can free your “self” to stay on the path toward endurance and thriving for the long haul.

Simplicity. There is great power in the simple life. The true-self finds joy in every moment without the need of the ego. The ego which is never satisfied drives a life of never-ending drama and expense. When you have one of those moments of great joy brought on by something super simple, you can have a transcended moment.  

Patience, another virtue of sovereignty, is the ability to take one step at a time and to finish what you start.

“A journey of a thousand miles, begins beneath the feet” 

verse 10, Chapter 64, Tao Te Ching (Lao Tzu)

Read the article, and look past the superficial needs of the ego which defines the quality of life through material obsession and complicated striving for success. 

S Beasley, The Dixie Taoist Team

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“104-year-old grandma keeps up work ethic, regularly catches prawns at the beach
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