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Sam Beasley

Author, Tai Chi and Meditation Instructor Samuel Beasley

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Sam is a Tao Cultivator living in the foothills of the North Georgia, Blue Ridge Mountains. He is a devoted follower of the Tao, Qi Gong, Tai Chi-Qigong. He strictly follows a plant-based diet and prefers the naturopath practices for healing that have proven to work for him over the years. 

In 2006, Sam began having symptoms of heart disease including chest pain, weakness, and dyspnea. After consulting with his primary care physician, he had a stress test where significant calcium deposits were found in the heart. He was scheduled for an angiogram but on the day of the procedure, his condition worsened, and he went to the hospital early. He was rushed into the Catheterization room where the cardiologist found multiple blockages around the heart, one of which was one hundred percent blocked. A stent was placed in the vein to restore blood flow. Other blockages were forty to sixty percent blocked and was told that further procedures including bypass surgery would be coming soon.

Facing his own mortality, Sam was determined to change his unhealthy habits and lifestyle to keep the condition from getting worse.

 During his research, he discovered a book on reversing heart disease by Dr. Dean Ornish. Sam also returned to his mediation practice with a vow to get serious about meditation and mindfulness discipline. Along this time he also discovered Tai Chi and Qi Gong. He studied under Sifu Zeng Chun (aka Leianna Rackliff). He studied Kadampa Breathing Meditation and mindfulness with Monk Gen Kelsang Nyema which greatly helped him in controlling anger and emotional stress.

. A few years went by, and all the symptoms of heart disease disappeared without having to have more stents or surgery.  Sam became a meditation and Tai Chi instructor, co-founding a Tai Chi School (Tai Chi University) in Augusta ga; along with Sifu Zeng Chun. Later he developed the Qigong protocol for curing his heart disease and mobilized his Qi.

In 2020, during the onset of the Covid-19 epidemic, a blood test revealed that he probably had Prostate Cancer. Later a biopsy confirmed that he stage II prostate cancer, Gleason Score 7 (3+4, 4+3). After a further test, a Decipher DNA test fortunately indicated he had the slower growing form of cancer and began a program of Active Surveillance with his Urologist. He manages his cancer through spiritual and naturopath protocols to slow the progression so that the more invasive treatments will not become necessary. He wrote this book to share the methods that gave him his life back and keeps the hope of Longevity robust.

Sam has studied Tao cultivation under the instruction of Tao Spiritual Teacher Derek Lin[1][2]. All are invited to listen to his lectures which are held most Sundays at 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. It is a closed group so you must request to join, and follow the instructions.  

Sam has published three books which are available on Amazon here (Sam’s Author Page).

Blogs: the support blog for the Tao of Longevity Book. (supporting the Lifestyle for Longevity Section in Tao of Longevity Book) (supporting the book: Sovereignty – The Tao Principle of Spiritual Discipline

The purpose of this blog is to help those who have realized their own mortality are interested in following Tao and Qigong principles for Longevity. The foundation of these protocols is based on Tao studies and the Three Treasures of Qi Gong.  

This blog is about how to stay on a path for a longer, happier, and successful life, regardless of what your situation is. Sam understands what it is like to be given bad health news and to have little hope or what to do to. His intent is to give you a way to restore hope and give you daily practices that can help you stay on the path.   

[1] You sign up for Derek Lin’s free online Tao classes at

[2] You can purchase Derek Lin’s books at

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