Blue Zones

In November 2005 National Geographic Magazine featured an article titled “Secrets of Long Life”  by Dan Buettner who went on to publish a book titled: Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way. Since then, there have been more books and articles all pointing to communities around the world that have shown themselves to have an unusual number of Centenarians and long-life people. The data from his reporting has shown how specific lifestyle choices in these communities play a significant role in longevity. Another interesting note is that some of the things that contribute to longevity are not what you would not be expecting.  


In the year 1677, a man named Li Ching Yuen was born Sichuan Province, China. He died in 1933 making him 256 years old! The old master of Taoist Internal Alchemy and herbologist practiced what would later evolve into energy the cultivation now called Qi Gong or Chi-Kung. He is the best-known example of extreme Longevity that we know of. It shows what is possible.  

Both of the longevity examples above indicate that a long life is possible when we learn to live in such a way that self-destructive practices are minimized. Not only can we stop lifestyle choices that cause earlier than expected death, but we can add positive lifestyle choices that can extend the lifespan longer than what is typically expected. 

Li-Ching Yuen

Be The One (an exploration of Chapter 50 of the Tao Te Ching about how to successfully cultivate life. This is an important lesson in cultivating Longevity.

“I have heard of those who are good at cultivating life” Verse 7, Chapter 50 Tao  Ching

Lao Tzu wrote the Tao Tè Ching more than 2500 years ago which indicates that people were cultivating the alchemy in his day. It is thought that the roots of Taoist Internal Alchem can be traced back to time of The Yellow Emperor, Huang Di, from the 26th century BC. Longevity traditions can be traced back in other cultures and are just as old.  These ancient principles are just as powerful and relevant today as they were way back then. The ancients would not have used the word ‘lifestyle’, but they understood how there were ways to live better longer lives. Unlike today, only the rich had the luxury of having so many choices to pick from. Today we have enough freedom and choices that we often self-destruct due to lack of self-restraint
Longevity cultivation requires the utilizing of the Tao principle of Sovereignty1. Sovereignty is the principle of Self-Discipline. The “self” is referring to the ego. When you look up Sovereignty in the dictionary, you will typically see it defined as an individual who has supreme authority such as a King, Quen, or President. In this context, your true-self or higher spirit is the supreme authority who should be ruling over your life. Yet for most of us, there is the ego and its associated emotions and behaviors that often interfere in an unhelpful way. To be effective at longevity you must learn this principle of being Sovereign over your inner kingdom (the mind) and the ego.  In this way you can take great care in the lifestyle choices that create your Longevity (destiny). 

Who knows the ultimate end 

They have no determined outcome

 Verse 7 & 8, Chapter 58, Tao Te Ching

Lao Tzu is referring to the Misfortune and Fortune that come and go in our life and that our destiny is not predetermined. It is how you deal with these occurrences that will determine your longevity fate. The Alchemy of life is both cultivated and protected in the way you live your life, which is something that should and can control with Sovereignty. 

In this category about Lifestyle choices, we examine various Lifestyle elements and how they play a role in your personal longevity. The alchemy of life is either nurtured or hampered by how you live.  
What and how much you choose to eat matters How much sitting or exercise you get matters How much stress or relaxation matters and most importantly, how much spiritual cultivation matters Your lifestyle choices matter Consider these lifestyle choices that may help lead to a greater understanding of your own longevity and a longer more successful life.  This blog is devoted to cultivating healthy lifestyle choices for Longevity.